WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 8/24/98

By Chan and Charlie and Matt

Go Immediately To The Nitro Report Andy from Evanston, IL sends the following arena report:
Here's a brief report of my attendance at Nitro....there wasn't much you didn't see on TV, so I'll make it brief.

Before Nitro, not much really happened. David Penzer came out at about 6:45 to give Warrior t-shirts to the crowd. Not surprisingly, only people in the first row of seats got them. He then told those people to wear the shirts and they would be on TV.

The first hour was one of the most worthless series of matches I've ever seen on a live TV program. I did note that a big white light goes on over the announcers' position to signal a commercial when a match is still going on. Both the ref and Malenko kept looking towards the podium until the light went back off. Also, as what happened last time Nitro was in Chicago, just about everyone gets booed except the Wolfpac. Goldberg, the Warrior, Hogan, you name it - everyone got booed.

Also similar to last time, it's terribly hard to hear the interviews in the arena. The music for the entrances is loud and clear, but you really have to look at the monitors and read lips to make sense of the interviews. Especially with Tony - everytime Tony attemepted to conduct a interview the guy next to me yelled "Speak up, fatass!"

As you saw on TV, the Warrior was booed, Goldberg was booed, and the main event, although cheered when it was announced was also booed. Especially when Goldberg pinned a guy not even involved in the match! After the show ended the WCW dream team continued to draw heat from the crowd.

Finally, the commercial breaks were mostly uneventful. There was, of course, the obligatory, flashing contest between two girls. Also, Bret Hart called the fans a bunch of shits during the break in his "match." And Hogan/Giant basically sat in the corner talking to each other during the break, as the Giant attempted to shield Hogan from all of the debris flying into the ring. Speaking of debris, there was definitely less crap tossed in the ring then the last Nitro, when everyone in the entire arena tossed their beer at Hogan at the end of the show. And, only five people that I could count were ejected, as opposed to at least 25 during the last show.

Well, that's all from here - I'm going to the Saturday Night taping tonight, I'll have a report from there up tomorrow!

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